Buying a New Home

Things can get a wee bit tricky when you’re in the process of selling one home and trying to buy another. Do you need to sell your old home first? How much can you afford? Does your home equity work for the deposit? Will there be a break cost for breaking your existing loan? 

We’ll help take that worry away! Our team will work out your plan and make the options easy. Simply tell us your goals and your current situation, and we’ll handle the rest!

Do I need to sell my existing house first? 

Sometimes if you have enough equity, you can buy a new home while your current one is still on the market. Just know that you’ll have to repay that new mortgage along with your existing one, so you’ll need to show the bank you have the income to do so. Not too many people fit into this category, but it’s worth looking into, especially if you need to move quickly. 

Do I need to save up another deposit? 

In most cases, before you can start buying another home, your house has to be unconditional, meaning that people signed up to purchase your home have to have confirmed their finances. Once they have, we can tell the bank how much you will get for the house and work out what you will have leftover for a deposit. In some cases, you may want to hold money back for repaying debt or doing renovations to increase the value of your home. 

After we know the deposit amount you have, you can buy a new home and we can help you with the finance process. In the current market, it’s important to be prepared and organised because in many cases, there will be more than one offer on a house, and you want yours to be the strongest in order to be chosen. We can help make your case stronger when you talk with us and increase your odds of having the winning offer. 


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