Buying an Investment Property

Every home can be an investment if they’re taken care of; especially if you buy a home and prices continue to rise! Rental properties can generate a large amount of passive income, but as a landlord you are also responsible for fixing any issues that come up. If you’re in the initial stages of considering an investment property, feel free to talk to us for tips and advice and how to make best use of your budget. 

Be aware of law changes for rental properties

Many New Zealand homes are older, and the government is cracking down on homes that are cold and damp. As of July 2019, all rental homes have to have at least ceiling and underfloor insulation (unless there is no access to get to either of those places, such as a home being on a concrete block) in every liveable area.

However, these changes are just one in a series, with several more requirements coming into place within the next few years. There are different dates when the standards have to be implemented by depending on the property type, but by 2024, all rentals in the country will have to meet all standards. These include specific standards on insulation, heating, draught stopping, moisture and drainage, and ventilation. You can find more about the standards in detail from MBIE

Because of these new standards, you might be seeing some properties appear on the market at a lower-than-expected price point. Some of them will need renovations to meet some or even all of the standards, so it’s important to be aware of these extra costs upfront! If you need help or more information, we are here and ready to help you with your next steps 


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